Fractional General Counsel

For less investment than employing one qualified in-house attorney...

A fractional general counsel arrangement provides you with a dedicated legal resource who knows your business and offers you quality legal services when you need them.

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What is fractional GC?

Retaining fractional services is more like hiring a part-time employee than outsourcing to an independent company or individual. Attorney Cuccinello provides part-time services for your company based on a retainer or contract agreement. Your company will receive the benefits of a part-time employee without the in-house cost of hiring an employee, such as benefits and employment taxes.

You may contract Attorney Cuccinello on a long-term basis or work on a project-basis or serve in the interim while the company is searching for a full-time professional to fill the role.

Your legal needs dictate your price.

Instead of paying an in-house counsel to work 40 hours a week when there is not 40 hours’ worth of legal work for the attorney to perform, you can pay Attorney Cuccinello as your fractional general counsel for just the hours needed to complete the company’s work. 

Attorney Cuccinello, as your fractional general counsel, works directly with your company and employee(s) regularly. Just as in-house counsel, our fractional general counsel forms close relationships and understands your company on a more comprehensive level.

“Like in-house counsel, the fractional general counsel is proactive.”

Attorney Cuccinello

Fractional General Counsel Benefits

Companies can benefit from general legal counsel during all phases of operation. A DIY approach to legal services can be more costly in the long-term. Hiring a full-time, in-house attorney can be too costly, but searching for a lawyer you can afford each time you need legal advice can be frustrating and costly. Fractional GC may be the answer you are looking for.

Cuccinello Law P.C.’s fractional general counsel makes it affordable for companies of all sizes to have the legal advice they need as they grow and expand their business. To learn more about our fractional general counsel services and if a fractional general counsel is right for your company, contact Attorney Cuccinello today.


"It was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth at Fine Point Technologies. When she joined the team she brought a new perspective and an impressive depth of knowledge to her position. She approached everything with a professional attitude. She was a great addition to the team and immediately stood out as a hard working and motivated individual. I would love the opportunity to work with her again."

Michelle Lee Rae, CRA at Merck

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