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“I worked with Liz for almost 2 years in capacity as Chief General Counsel for Reuters Media. Liz was a valuable part of the legal team supporting both Reuters news agency business and the Reuters digital properties ( and”

Beatriz G Roth, Associate General Counsel 

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“Liz assists us with all of our legal support needs. She reviews and negotiates redlined agreements directly with our clients; explains our industry-specific requirements to our clients; is very experienced with FTC disclosure guidelines, UGC concerns, advertising and marketing concerns; she works with all of our internal team members especially our sales team; she turns projects around quickly and stays on top of all communications. Liz is easy to work with and truly understands the importance of being flexible, easy to reach and working with tight deadlines.”

Chris Maher

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Elizabeth Cuccinello, Esq. was established to meet the needs of businesses that have not yet reached the size where it makes financial sense to hire their first in-house attorney, as well as corporate legal departments with overflow work.



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"Liz has been a tremendous business partner in both her General Counsel and HR roles. She effectively communicates with our clients, detailing our product and ways of working, providing them with security that they are in good hands. She turns around deliverables quickly and with insight, while providing recommendations on the best way to proceed with specific contracts. As an HR business partner she is ideal, communicating with the staff in a professional manner and taking great interest in their needs and how best to help them. She works hand in hand with me in vetting vendors and ways forward from both an HR and General Counsel perspective. She would be a strong addition to any team and I would not hesitate if given the chance to work with her again."

Joseph Monti, Finance and Operations Executive, Oracle

Elizabeth Cuccinello, Esq. Attorney at Law in Rockland County NY

Elizabeth Cuccinello, Esq. handles day-to-day legal matters, working as a senior business attorney on an on-demand basis at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full-time executive-level general counsel or relying exclusively on law firm counsel.

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Don’t fall into the trap of having no general legal counsel, believing you must hire-in full-time, or hiring a rotating cast of specialized (and often expensive) outside firms for general needs which could be addressed much more affordably. Choose Cuccinello Law P.C.’s Fractional GC Services.


"Professional and knowledgeable - an asset to the firm and a good person to work with."

Bill Brent, Chief Technology Officer at Sky Packets Inc

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