A General Counsel Needs Support Too!

When your legal department finds itself short-handed, you need outside counsel support services. You may have in-house

counsel on vacation or taking medical or maternity leave. The entire team may be present but overworked due to special projects or litigation needs.

Corporate legal departments are hiring outside counsel to make the most of their legal budget. This elite group of lawyers provides a high level of substantive legal expertise without the big firm cost. They can help with niche and cutting-edge business areas.

Corporate legal departments are hiring outside counsel to make the most of their legal budget.

Whether a small business or a large corporation, your company can benefit from outside GC support. Your dedicated outside legal resource has the same legal knowledge as your in-house team. Their support can give your business the boost it needs.

The key to benefiting from outside counsel is understanding their capabilities. They can provide support to help grow your business. Keep reading to learn more about outside counsel management services.

Their support can give your business the boost it needs.

Your Outside Counsel is a Strategic Business Partner

Your outside counsel is a strategic business partner. They can provide help in everything from negotiating with clients to dealing with employee conflicts.

Their primary focus is the betterment of your company. Operating like in-house attorneys, your outside counsel will work closely with you. Consider them high-priority team members.

Let your staff know that your outside counsel is part of the legal team. They can jump in and help your sales team close out the quarter, make sure your product team covers all risk areas, work with your marketing team to get sign off on all outgoing copy and more.

Your Supporting Counsel is a Contract Attorney

The counsel you hire temporarily is similar to a contract attorney. The attorney works on a temporary, as-needed basis for your company. The contract period may be for a few hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

Outside Counsel Services Are Cost-Effective

When conducting corporate budgeting, legal costs are always a concern. As the business grows, the legal department may struggle to keep up. It is cost-effective for a growing company to hire outside counsel as a flexible resource on an as-needed basis.

Your outsourced counsel can handle legal matters that must be done but may not be substantial enough to justify hiring a full-time attorney.

This is where outside counsel becomes invaluable. Your outside counsel support can handle these legal tasks. They become a valuable part of your team ━ ready to jump in when needed. The rest of your company can focus on what they do best.

Assistance for In-House Counsel

Your outside counsel has the legal expertise to assist in any area your in-house legal team or company requires. Whether you’re the only in house attorney or part of a very busy legal department, your outside counsel is part of your team. Use them when you are overwhelmed, need to focus on more strategic projects or need some time off.

What We Can Do For You

Cuccinello Law P.C. has 20 years of experience assisting businesses with their general counsel services needs. We develop an in-depth understanding of your company’s operations and handle all legal requirements. Responses are fast and cost effective. We become part of your team on an as needed basis.

Schedule a free consultation using our online form or call (845) 642-9287. We will discuss your business needs and goals, recommending a legal plan that fits your needs.

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